What The Heck Are Macros!?

By It Fits Bar

Do you hear people talking about macros all the time and you’re like what the HECK are macros?

Macros are Macronutrients; these are found in food. There are three primary macros:

  1.    Protein
  2.    Carbohydrates
  3. Fats

Technically, there are 4, the last is alcohol.

Marcos are nutrients that the body requires in large amounts.

Why are they important:

Protein is important to build muscle, helps replace worn-out cells, and aids in growth and repair of muscle. It also keeps you full longer. Some examples of how you can add more protein to your daily intake – meats, protein shakes, plant-powered sources like tofu or sunflower seeds.  1 gram of protein is = to 4 calories.

Carbohydrates or carbs are what our bodies use for energy.  Carbs get a bad rap, you can technically live without them but personally, I feel better when eating them for my energy levels and well, they are delicious. Some examples of carbs are fruit, rice, grains, sweet potatoes, and desserts (My fav;). These are the same as protein when talking grams to calories. 1 gram carbs= 4 calories.

Fat is essential to give your body energy and to support cells. Fat also helps to protect your organs and helps your body absorb certain nutrients. Examples of fat are nuts, butter, oil, avocado.  1 gram fat of has 9 calories.

Two years ago, I stopped counting calorie intake daily and began counting my protein, carbs, and fats. I use excel to track my food daily, but you can also use an app like My Fitness Pal or what I prefer is Mikes Macros.  

I find this to be easier than tracking calorie intake and takes about 10 minutes a day, it helped me to understand what to eat and be less stressed about what food. In the past, I was counting calories but I did not understand the volume of fat and carbs I was taking in vs. protein.

As someone who did plenty of fad diets, I have found this to be the easiest way to stick to an eating plan that allows me freedom but still maintaining or losing weight. I try to eat clean but enjoy treats as well. As long as I fit food items into my macro range I know what I can/ cannot eat.  Choosing your range depends on your goals, that’s why I like Mikes Macros app it will help you calculate based on your body and goals. I have been doing this for two years and lost 20lbs but I also feel better (paired with the right fitness plan), stronger and don’t stress about food like I did in the past.

This is a way of life and will not happen overnight but put in the work and the science will take over!

Learning about macros inspired me to create It fits bars within a macro range I desired. All the other protein bars on the market with high in carbs/ sugars and lacked the protein I desired, along with being gluten and dairy free.  

This is a very brief overview of macros and eating within ranges to maintain weight or lose fat. But with the right plan and macro ranges, you can eat what you want and still achieve your goals.

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