When a Vegan Meets a Carnivore: 5 Philly Restaurants


Guest Post by Brittany Nettles

In today’s plant-based, paleo, low-carb, raw, non-GMO, organic *breathe* world, eating habits and dietary preferences can make or break relationships – especially when choosing restaurants.

So, what’s a bacon-free bachelor or bachelorette to do?
It’s a sweet story of love and compromise. Keep an open mind. Keep an open mouth. And no, you don’t have to lay off the steak!
I’ve rounded up 5 of my favorite Philly restaurants that satisfy both vegans,
vegetarians, and carnivores alike. Bon Appetite!


A great spot for a quick bite (perhaps a first date too). It’s casual. It’s consistent, and the hummus toppings are endless.
I recommend heading over on Sunday for the Shakshuka special. Prepare to let your inner carbivore run wild… because the house-made focaccia and pita are delicious.
Sunday Shakshuka
Hummus with Walnuts and Peppers

Front Street Cafe:

Whether you’re jonesing for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a small snack, Front Street Cafe has your back.
Between the Blueberry Bread Pudding, Buffalo Cauliflower, and Blueberry-Chocolate “Cheesecake,” this place has me craving its food every minute of every day (my boyfriend and family will attest).
Buffalo Cauliflower
Blueberry Cheesecake

Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen:

Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen is another Fishtown favorite. It’s a great little hub for burgers (regular/veg) and brews, but especially for exotic items like Tomato Po’boys, Cauliflower Fritters with peanut butter collard greens (don’t knock it ’til ya try it), and Buffalo “Wings.”
Also, try the Brussel Sprouts.
Basically try the entire menu.
Veggie Burger
Brussels (complete with a side of boyfriend fingers)

VStreet and Wiz Kid:

If you find yourself in Rittenhouse Square, mosey over to VStreet. The Korean-Fried Tempeh Tacos are personal favorite, I recommend tackling this place tapas-style and trying everything. VStreet is endlessly rotating the menu and pushing an eclectic happy hour.
Oh, and don’t short yourself of the soft serve.
Korean-Fried Tempeh Tacos
Soft Serve with Strawberry “Krimpets”


Save the best for last, right?
Zahav is arguably one of Philly ‘s best restaurants. If the restaurant experience is just as important to you as the food, then this put this place at the top of your “To-Eat” list. The Salatim is out of this world.
Pro Tip: If you don’t want to wait for reservations, go in on a weekday and request the Chef’s Table. You’ll generally get a seat within the half hour, not to mention an upfront view of the kitchen. Mike Solmonov, the owner, is generally cooking. If he catches you watching, he’ll come out to greet you #fangirled.

What’s your favorite Philadelphia restaurant? Comment below, and let’s eat!

Brittany Nettles



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