SWEAT it Out, Philly Style

By Jennifer Lesyna Anthony

“I am a true believer that people can do more than they think they can,” said my coach after my first SweatX class at Sweat Fitness”

I had been walking by Sweat Fitness in my own Queen Village neighborhood in Philadelphia for months and had seen the signs advertising their crossfit-style group training program.  I have to admit that even as a certified personal trainer and lifetime athlete, I was a bit nervous to try SweatX for the first time knowing there might be a few lifts and unfamiliar exercises.

But when Sweat Regional Director Mike Newall invited The Positivity Charge in to give SweatX a try, I was ecstatic for the opportunity to test it out!

Luckily, my nervousness was absolutely unnecessary as my coach was careful to explain form and practice technique carefully not only at the beginning of the class, but throughout the whole session to ensure safety and effectiveness.  Quickly, I found myself having a blast as I pushed through the workout. 

Mike Newall & Jen

What does a typical SweatX class look like?

Well, we warmed up with ladder drills to practice agility and coordination. After that, we moved on to our lift of the day, the “clean and jerk,” and spent time practicing form and slowly adding more weight under the supervision of the coach.  After that we moved into a strength training circuit of bench press, kettlebell rows, ring dips, and kettlebell high pulls.  Phew.  By the end of the workout, I was already feeling stronger, super proud of myself for trying something new, and a bit ready for a lunch and a nap. 

During the workout it struck me how truly unique it was to find such an intimate and badass workout with a coach to support you each step of the way in a “regular” gym that you can also go to to just hop on a treadmill for an hour on your own if you wanted to. 

With so many group fitness studios popping up everywhere, SweatX is truly the perfect solution for those who enjoy doing a boutique or Crossfit type group workout from time to time, but also love having the flexibility to workout on their own any time they want.

Sweat Fitness has 8 locations in the Philadelphia area with their newest location on 1 South Broad Street opening soon! For more details visit SweatX Group Training Program.

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