A tour of the 2016 Positivity charge retreat:

Cheers to registration! On 12.3.16 the welcome beverage was provided by Neuro; Drink with a purpose! Neuro Drinks are functional beverages backed by science and designed with the everyday person in mind. No gimmicks, nor exaggerations. Just results. Each neuro is Vegan, Gluten Free, Kosher, and offers you the best ingredients to help your body get what it needs. With so many flavors to choose from, the attendees enjoyed.

Group exercise: yoga

Let your days be full of positivity and flexibility!  Paul Dunn is one of Philadelphia’s most sought after Yoga instructors, most famous for his  Yoga On The Pier Class! We are proud to have him as the official yoga instructor for The Positivity Charge 2016. Attendees focused on strength, flexibility and alignment, to improve practice both on and off the mat in this class designed for all levels.



first keynote speaker

Pax Tandon introduced the crowd to positive psychology practices. With a holistic approach that focuses on your mind, body and soul, Pax help clients learn to thrive.  The short of it: You can flourish when given the tools.  And did she give us some gems to start working on right away!  When given the right tools from the most elite, you too can make change.  We bring the most elite and highly successful speakers to each retreat.

juicing demo and sampling

Who doesn't love a good green, drink sample?  Jennifer Lenysa, certified health coach, served with her amazing recipes!  Attendees loved her easy to follow ingredients, and learned many tips to keep food fresh!  A fresh take on healthy practices is just what you need to stay motivated.



second keynote speaker

WOW! Terri Matthews was inspirational, and the real deal when it comes to life transformation.  She reminded us that fear and your dreams can't be in the same room!  After hearing her speak, you are fearless in the pursuit of your passions.  Terri has over 15 years of experience as an Executive with a focus in HR Law and as a Business Consultant in the Corporate, Athletic and Entertainment sphere. Throughout her career, she has leveraged her knowledge as an expert of the industry to position herself as a trailblazing serial entrepreneur with a solid reputation.

Breakout sessions: Choose 1

Option 1 Build: The Mind Body Connection

PR guru Jen Sherlock of Jenna Communications discussed how creativity will unleash positivity.  What a group!  This workshop involved building a complete vision board!

Option 2 Fuel: Foods That Fuel
Food producer and wellness leader, Parisha Smith discussed her latest e-book, “The Contentment Strategy” while sharing quick healthy snack recipes.

Option 3 Body: Make your body work for you
Strike A Pose “Your spine goes everywhere with you, take care of it” says Dr. Tahir, Chiropractor & author. Dr. Tahir helped to identify risk factors of poor posture, and did an interactive demo of power posing. Power poses can be utilized to better health and business outcomes. What is your power pose?


15230622_1806125959668040_9110858032193587346_n (1)

Lunch provided by snap kitchen

Snap Kitchen is your one stop, healthy meal shop with all good choices. Fresh, grab-and-go meals are made daily from scratch, down to the sauces, and are as nutritionally sound as they are delicious. Snap offers something for everyone, including gluten free, paleo, dairy free, and vegan options, as well as customized meal plans.


In addition, we put together a healthy expo for mingling and building relationships.  Vendors interacted with attendees, sharing the many benefits of health related products and gifts!  Shopping for YOU is the best indulgence.  We bring the best, because we believe you deserve the best.


goodie bags

A healthy swag bag with so many special surprises!  We would like to thank our sponsors for providing the best health related samples for attendees to incorporate into their daily routine.  From supplements, to an abundance of products, The Positivity Charge promotes self-pampering!