How To Improve your health from the inside out!

By: Dr. Allison Hill, Dr. Yvonne Bohn

We all know the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but all too often we overlook what’s going on on the inside. Yep, we’re talking about gut health. The gut is referred to by scientists as the body’s “second brain” and can have a huge impact beyond digestive health, so taking proper care of it is so incredibly important to your overall health — maintaining a healthy gut can boost your mood, memory, mental health and more!

One popular (and easy!) way to achieving a happy gut is taking probiotics. Although probiotics are generally used to avoid the unpleasant side effects of taking antibiotics, science has found that probiotic supplements help promote positive gut health and can ultimately have a positive impact on the body.

Here are a few other ways probiotics can promote your health:

    1. Take in more nutrients: When you take probiotics, the bacteria works with enzymes to break down food more efficiently. This allows your body to absorb a greater number of nutrients and minerals than one would with an unhealthy gut.
    2. Improve your skin: Your gut is an area of the body used to eliminate toxins from the body. By not maintaining the healthy bacteria needed for this detoxification process, toxins can rise to the surface to cause acne and other skin problems.
    3. Boost your heart health: Preliminary research has shown that taking probiotics can help reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels which help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

If you decide to take a probiotic to boost your gut health, it’s important to choose the product that’s right for you. The #1 pharmacist recommended probiotic, Florajen, offers four different formulas to ensure you’re taking the right probiotic for your personal needs. These include:


  • Florajen Digestion to aid a healthy functioning digestive tract
  • Florajen Women which is specially formulated to help restore and maintain the natural balance of vaginal flora and a healthy vaginal pH
  • Florajen Kids that benefits the digestive and immune health in kids starting at 6 months
  • Florajen Acidophilus is an extra high potency, single strain formula that is helpful in maintaining everyday health



To live a truly healthy lifestyle, you should be mindful of every part of your body. Probiotics are a simple and easy way to make sure your body is taken care of from the inside out. Here’s to a happy, and more importantly, healthy gut!


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