Good Health, It Takes a Village!

Guest Post by Dr. Sue Aery

Many years ago, I had a passion to help others with their health so I became a doctor! Even after I received my degree, I held back from adamantly sharing my knowledge and beliefs. The time has come for me to fully embrace my passion and my knowledge! I am thirsty for even more education and even more than that, I am thirsty for imparting this knowledge to others! One of the downfalls of our “health” system is that instead we actually have a “sick” system. Most doctors treat the symptoms instead of the cause and that often makes matters worse and the underlying problems harder and harder to solve. This becomes very frustrating, especially to those of us who really want to help by addressing the source of the problem and preventing it from happening to others.

We need to reach more people and educate them on two things:

1. Our healthcare system is broken and

2.  We are not being successfully guided or educated by our government to help the problem! All of the press out there is about finding a “cure” instead of finding out why diseases are so much more prevalent than they used to be. Again, frustrating! As a society, we are not stupid but we are so easily duped by the “easy way out” or the “quick fix”! Reality sets in though and says, no matter what anyone tells us, there is NO quick fix.

We need to band together and read the research on why disease is more common now than 25-30 years ago. The reasons are all there – the industrial revolution, chemical replacements, processed foods, fake sweeteners, low and no-fat foods, hybridized formulations, stronger drugs, soils depleted of nutrients, produce picked too soon and shipped thousands of miles, etc. These are the real reasons that we have become a sick society. Our minds are too easily swayed by the “experts” with big egos and big pockets and we are too reliant on the media and big pharma ideas. The saddest thing is that many people have decided that they cannot ever be well again, succumbing to our societal “sick” care beliefs.

Let’s take the road of reason, let’s get ourselves educated, informed and aware, let’s gather information ourselves, let’s make sense of what is good for us from the inside out, instead of just the outside in.

We can learn for ourselves and help others as well. The epidemic of illness, obesity and disease is getting the best of us so let’s not let this continue. We can reverse this!  Healthcare can be “well” care instead of “sick” care, we can actually save money for ourselves and our country. It only takes one person at a time and we can help others and they can help others and so on. Let’s learn together, heal together and create a society that knows how to be healthy instead of finding more and stronger drugs to cover all these problems. It’s a bit like adding deodorant and perfume to your body to cover the issue of odor. Drugs, in essence, just cover the odor that is worsening. Let’s get to the root cause and become a healthier society. It takes a village… one person at a time!

Dr. Sue Aery

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