Where Focus Goes Energy Flows, Three Tips For Changing Your State Of Mind

By Cat Golden

Have you heard the saying, “What you focus on you find”? People that wake up thinking they will have a great day usually do, and people that are full of dread and fear will find things to be fearful about. It can be hard to change your state and find the positive in a situation when everything seems to be crashing down around you. Fear not! Here are three tips for changing your energy in an instant, in any situation!

Change Your Physical State

When you are fearful or feeling down it’s important to take a look at your physical state. Are you sitting with your arms crossed, shoulders down, eyes to the ground? Even if you are sitting upright you can change to a high energy state in a second! Jump up from your chair and yell, “YES!”, do ten jumping jacks, fist pump the air, put a song on and dance for the entire song. How do you feel after changing your physical state? When you are feeling low energy or scared always look at your posture and make a change.

Choose Gratitude

Close your eyes and picture something you are truly grateful for. Feel in your soul that gratitude. Why are you thankful? What do you love about that person, situation or object? When you truly feel gratitude do you feel fear? Absolutely not. It’s impossible to be grateful and fearful at the same time. Getting in a space of gratitude will instantly change your perspective.

Embrace Fear

Sound impossible? Think again! Fear is never going to go away. We have three choices – resist it, ignore it or embrace it. Anyone that’s ever done anything great didn’t wait to do it until they there was no fear left, they were afraid and acted anyways. Look at fear as your friend, a sign that the risk is worth the reward and decide to DANCE with it. You control the fear and you bring it alongside you.

Where focus goes energy flows, what are you focusing on? Know that you are in control of your perspective. Imagine yourself already there, where you want to be and send your focus there and watch your energy change. You can. You will. End of story.

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