You are doing this for YOU.  The Positivity Charge retreat is designed to spark your inner boss.  You have the ability to create the best life.  We are here to make sure that happens.  Check out what others had to say about past events:

Jennifer Sherlock, President of Jenna Communications

"The positivity charge made me feel alive! I learned so much from the inspiring speakers that made me realize the importance of taking care of the mind first because that empowers the rest of ourselves including our body. I'm now going to hold myself accountable to meditate, juice, and create a larger vision board, so I can fully embody what it means to practice positivity.  After all, the law of attraction states like attracts like which is the idea that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life".

Dr. Cara Cartwright, Chiropractor

"The Positivity Charge event  was an awesome retreat in which you felt a positive energy when walking in the door. I loved the yoga, which caused me to pause and take everything in at the present time. I was blown away by the speakers Pax Tandon and Terri Matthews, their messages about positivity and working on your mindset. I  chose the Body workshop with Dr. Rubina that focused on posture and how it affects your confidence and health. The Positivity Charge made me more self aware of my actions, reactions and thoughts on a daily basis. I'm so happy that Dr. Rubina and Parisha had this event and look forward to another one in the future!"

Candace Yaeger MBA MA, Career & Business Success Coach

"In my work as a success coach, I often observe the powerful results that occur when people strategically insert positivity into their daily lives.   The Positivity Charge Wellness Retreat was a transformational day packed with invaluable lessons, inspiring conversations and life changing ‘aha’ moments."


Kelsey Faehl

Our circumstances do not define we deal with them does. Positivity is not just a way of thinking, it's a lifestyle. It's choosing to see the good in everything - in every person and every situation. It's intentionally and consciously doing the opposite of what our minds and bodies are programmed to do. It's not always easy, but it's certainly worth it!

Ebonie Dukes

Positively worth the charge!

The Positivity Charge Wellness Retreat was exactly what the universe ordered. The day did not disappoint, delivering on everything that was advertised and more. The participants seemed like handpicked guests all eager to soak in good energy, and the event hosts and staff had seamless interactions with the retreat attendees, establishing an early rapport that was both informative and attentive.

We may not have a plan or be sure about our next move but most people can agree that a positive environment is motivating. The positivity charge wellness retreat was a springboard of inspiration.  A unique experience of high spirited networking, intimate workshops and encouragement. I didn't leave with all the answers but more importantly I received a new lens for viewing opportunities and relationships from an adjusted and positive perspective.

Beth Lawrence

The Positivity Charge delivered on its name and mission. Each and every attendee was so welcoming, friendly and looking for the same things out of their lives – health and wellness in a very broad and complete sense, and spreading positivity. The speakers, the connections I made, the vendors and the workshops were phenomenal. As one of the sponsors, it was the perfect place to connect to those who could benefit from what Snap Kitchen does – creates truly healthy, from-scratch meals for the on-the-go lifestyle that go-getters truly need to thrive.


dr. Sue Aery

"The Positivity Charge was fantastic! Health and wellness minded people and motivational speakers under one roof was amazing. It was fun and educational from a yoga session to a mom with a cause, I highly recommend joining the next event. I am hoping that there will be one in my area so I can go again soon. The educational piece was great with several workshops that covered different health topics. My favorite was the posture class! Join the next Positivity Charge- you will want more!!"

dana friedman

"I learned so much about myself and the power of positivity. The energy the whole day was invigorating and supportive. I made some really amazing connections and am so grateful to be a part of this movement".

Paul Dunn, Yoga Instructor

"Yoga speaks to ceasing the fluctuations of the mind...and allowing your radiant spirit to come forth...POSITIVITY"


Jackie, That's what's up blog

"I'm feeling relaxed yet charged up after my day at The Positivity Charge wellness retreat. After enjoying yoga, inspirational speakers, a vision board-making session, and tasty, healthy food, I'm ready to rewire my brain into positive thinking. I met like-minded, friendly people who helped to further ignite my creativity. I can't wait for the next event!"

Leslie, Prettyhaute lifestyle blogger

"The Positivity Charge reinforced a lot of motivational affirmations and gave me a jump start to how I envision my future for 2017".

Pax Tandon, Keynote speaker

"Do you want to survive or thrive? That's the whole point of learning positive psychology"