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Thank you Detroit! On 8-19-17 we went national and our wellness retreat in Detroit was epic! The ultimate wellness destination, a day of fun, learning, workshops, yoga, speakers, food, expo and mingling with like-minded people.  It is the perfect day to add to your wellness goals!

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Anjali Romaniuk, yoga expert

Because coffee is so necessary. Attendees took time to register, caffeinate, eat cupcakes, and explore our Positivity Lounge (which is like an expo, but better!) before we did yoga! Did we mention there was healthy samples? YAS!

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Nitika Chopra

Keynote Speaker

Nitika Chopra, self love guru and talk show host, all the way from NYC! Attendees enjoyed her messaged and really fueled up on self-love practices.

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Dr. Joel Kahn

Invited Speaker

Holistic Cardiologist and best selling author Dr. Joel Kahn. Attendees were treated to this industry expert!  WOW. fWe bring the best, because you deserve the best.


Our retreats focus on 3 main areas of health: BUILD, BODY and FUEL.  We customize these workshop experiences, so you can leverage info from industry leaders to maximize your healthy lifestyle:  Check out our Detroit workshop leaders:


Alex JonA, Founder of BrandBarr

BUILD:  Take Charge Of Your Brand

In this session you will learn:

The importance of a strong identity.
How to attract customers through grassroots efforts.
How to build a brand voice.
How to apply your brand to social media and content marketing.


Dr. Laura Belus

FUEL: The Un-Detox

You guessed it our fuel workshop is all about food! In this session you will learn about healthy relationships with food.  Learn tips and tricks about real food and how to eat without dieting/starving yourself.


Ricki Friedman, founder of Break The Weight

BODY:  Break What Weighs You Down

This session helps individuals break what weighs them down both physically and mentally. Ricki specializes in changing daily habits and getting others to understand what holds them back from real change.


While you eat, we are gave you this treat... another way to learn from the best with our panelists!  Our panel was a hit!


Terra Castro Founder of Detroit Body Garage & Be Bold Crew


Dr. Rubina Tahir, Co-founder of the positivity charge


Parisha Smith Co-founder of The Positivity Charge

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Jennifer Lee co-founder of wonder detroit

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