Crystal Healing: Does This Fashion Statement Really Work?

By Deb Jones

Everything is energy. Furniture, flowers, the ocean, the mountains, trees, grass, animals, the food we eat, and even us – all made up of energy.

And so it follows that since everything around us, including US, is made up of energy, and thereby carries an energetic frequency or vibration, it makes sense to recognize our ability to change those frequencies. So when you see a child clinging to that special toy or blanket, it’s safe to say that object carries some sort of vibration that the child has decided is comforting in some way.  That’s energy at work!

Allay Bracelet

While this is a concept that is gaining more recent traction in our world today, it’s not at all new.  Six thousand years ago, ancient civilizations appreciated how certain forms of energy can alter the vibration of other forms of energy. The Egyptians, Romans and Chinese used minerals, gems and crystals to aid in enhancing emotional, physical and spiritual balance.  This is a concept that was largely predicated on the importance of balancing energy.  Egyptian dancers wore rubies in their navels to enhance their sex appeal and the Chinese used the practice in their acupuncture healing.  How’s THAT for “intention”?!

So, what is the one common thread in each of these different cultures’ regarding energy? It’s BALANCE! Balance seems to be the prevailing thought and it was not lost on any of these ancient civilizations.  

These days, there is another much easier and way more popular way to help balance energy – that is through the use of “energy bracelets”.  Energy bracelets are an affordable and fashion-forward way to help balance your energy, your chakras and your stress levels. One of the best brands to try are Allay Bracelets.

Positive Vibes Bracelet

If your goal is to reduce fear and negativity over past experiences, there are bracelets with specific stones that can help you attract that positive energy you need to change your present as well as your future!

If you’re a woman who struggles with depression, for $39 you can wear a bracelet with specific stones that can help you with these emotions.  

Here are some other ways to help bring that balance of good energy back into your everyday surroundings:

  1. Use a Pink Himalayan salt lamp in your bedroom.  Using one of these lamps can help you sleep better and will detoxify your bedroom by attracting allergens, which will also help minimize allergies.
  2. Treat yourself to a massage.  Massage is a great way to help balance energy. Focus on the areas of the body that experience energy blockage, like the gluteal muscles (yes, your booty can hold trapped energy!), legs and feet.  This type of massage is also known as “prana” an Indian form of energy balancing.

Take some time to learn about your energy chakras – there are 7 of them and each need to flow freely so that we can stay healthy – physically, spiritually and emotionally.  Allay Bracelets can help you attract more of what you need.



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