The Scoop on Carrie Anne?

Photographer and promoter of body positivity. Focusing on the empowerment of myself and others.  @carrieannekelly

Tell us about your business/passion project?

I am a photographer that works both personally with clients through boudoir and wedding photography, as well as commercially in the fashion industry. My focus, regardless of working with someone who has never been photographed before or with a professional model, is to focus on the empowerment of my subjects and always, body positivity and self-love and acceptance. Working specifically with women through my boudoir business, has helped me to work on my own self-love, my view of myself, and to focus on continuously giving that back to my clients. It's the most wonderful cycle. Most of my clients book a boudoir session because they admire the self-work I have done, and want to begin on their own journey of healing and self-love. Other times, it is that, and it is also that they want to gift something feminine and sexy to their partner. Boudoir photography has become so much more than sexy gifts for partners. It is about reclaiming your sexy and femininity through the art of being photographed as you are, and learning to embrace every inch of ourselves- including our so-called "flaws". Even in 2017, where we are finding more and more body positive role models to follow, it is still so hard to be a woman. I can only hope to offer a beautiful, life-changing experience for every woman that I come into contact with and work with. It is not just about the Photographer providing a service. It is a beautiful collaboration between myself and my clients.

Name 3 positive things you do each day and why?

1.Set my intention for the day. Whether it's as simple as trying to be more productive or something more like speaking to myself with kindness as respect, I always try to start my day with a clear intention. 2. 30 minutes to 1 hour of meditation- in either the form of burning incense, pulling a card from my Moon Deck and journaling, or in the form of exercise. 3. Complimenting others, specifically other women. Trying to find one nice thing (that I really mean!!) and saying it to someone. It is infectious and can really be the difference in someone having a good or bad day.


You are a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why?

This is so hard! I am so not a pink person but lately I have been loving everything blush/or rose colored.

What inspires you to live a more positive life?

My past. I was such a sad teenager who spent so much of my life in a negative place and hating myself and my body. I never want to go back to that


What do you work toward in your free time? At work?

I have been practicing my handstand like a crazy lady and really seeing a difference when I take 10 minutes each day to go upside down. I also try to plan shooting projects that are more creative and fun for me! Shooting outside in new locations is always fun!

What is your current positive quote or mantra?

"My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.”


Can you share an experience you've had where you observed positive thinking profoundly impacting your life?

I believe so hard in the power of positive thinking!! As a business owner and freelance photographer, work is never promised. You have to work hard everyday to continue to build a full schedule and business. Sometimes, my anxiety gets the best of me. Lately I have been working REALLY hard to just let go and trust the process. Once I let go, I really begin to see my work and desires unfold, even in ways I didn't plan on. I am such a planner- Sagittarians are known for not staying present and planning ahead all the time. I have to constantly keep myself in check to stay present in each moment and let life take me where it wants to!

Why are you excited to be a TPC Ambassador?

I am excited to reach more people and hopefully help people be more conscious of the ways in which we speak to ourselves. I hope that more people, especially women, will join me in treating ourselves with the same kindness we offer others!