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Our Approach

The Positivity Charge (TPC) is a health and wellness day retreat in which attendees are exposed to methods of positive thinking to cultivate increased success in all areas of their life.  Did you know that research consistently supports that positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health, and improving work outcomes?  The TPC focuses on 3 main areas of health practices: BUILD, FUEL, and BODY at our retreats and mini events.  Whether it is a group exercise, amazing workshop, or expert panel---just to name a few!  Health is the sum of what we do in any given day, and the TPC program uniquely provides attendees the means to become a better version of YOU.

Our Story

TPC is co-founded by Parisha Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir, following their personal, positive journey to fuel stronger health and wellness initiatives.

Meet the Team

Parisha Smith


​Parisha has taken the Philly food culture by storm with her performance as Food and Drink Producer at 

Beth Lawrence

Partnership/Event relations

Beth is a freelance PR, events and experiential marketing expert. Beth's background is in events, marketing and PR for brands such as Snap Kitchen, The Palm, Brûlée Catering and Dave & Buster's.

Dr. Rubina Tahir


Dr. Rubina Tahir is a board certified Chiropractor, and can best be described as a woman on a mission to inspire healthy lifestyles.

Jennifer Lesyna

Community Manager, Expert: Nutrition & Fitness

Jennifer Lesyna is a Weight Loss & Lifestyle Coach who has helped hundreds of women and men lose weight and create more peaceful and balanced relationships with their eating habits and body weight.

Dr. Laura Belus

Expert: Naturopathic Doctor

As a young adult Dr. Laura made the connection between the foods we eat and how we feel.  She shares this knowledge with her community.

Claire Gallo

Food Writer

Food has always been a part of my life. Not only do I enjoy cooking and eating, but I enjoy growing it too. I grew up on a farm 30 miles north of Detroit and my family farmed for fun.