6 Beach Friendly Snacks To Pack For The Day

By Dr. Rubina Tahir, Co-founder of The Positivity Charge

After basking in the sun and taking a dip in the water, a typical beach outing will have a bunch of snacks!  A successful beach day means enjoying your treats without the dreaded drop right into the sand. Face down on the sand is a definite food fail, but can be avoided with the right choices.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve protecting your trial mix in a 2 ft deep plastic container. I spoke to these wellness professionals to get the scoop on best beach foods, minus the sand.

Beat The Heat, and The Melt.

There are so many bars with healthy ingredients that are great fuel for a long beach day, but are prone to melting in the sunshine.  “I love storing protein bars in flasks, such as Hydroflask, to keep them from melting in the summer heat” says New York based chef Melisa Eboli.  The double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles range from $30-$60 but are worth the investment for regular beach goers.

Size Does Matter.

Bite sized is best for the beach.  Taylor Harrell, Director of Marketing, Fresca Brands suggests Sejoyia bite sized cookies: Coco-Thins and Coco-Roons.  “They’re perfect for when you want a filling and sweet snack on the beach without the melt-risk and without the calorie punch. Just a couple of them will fill you up on a hot day in the wind, waves and sand…which means you have some leftover to share” says Harrell.  These snackable cookies are gluten-free, vegan, paleo, Non-GMO and are free from any preservatives, artificial colors or other additives you likely want to avoid.

Parisha Smith, Founder of The Positivity Charge loves snacks with a bold taste and re-sealable pouch.  “My go to snacks are from Nature Valley, the peanut butter and almond butter granola bites”.

Wild Zora products offer clean ingredients that are convenient for beach days.  The curry turkey signature meat and veggie bar packs a tasty punch while providing protein to help boost energy levels for a productive day at the beach.

Foil Is Your Friend.

Wrap and peel is a safe technique for eating on the beach.  Chrissa Benson, the founder of Physical Kitchness loves to make Sweet Potato Tortillas.  “Mashed sweet potatoes combined with tapioca flour and coconut flour then pan fried to make delicious, grain free tortillas” says Benson.  Add your fav ingredients from eggs to veggies, then wrap tightly in foil for beach friendly roll ups.  The beach is not a place for meal prep, sand does not make for the best countertop, so being able to take away layers saves the day!

Frozen Is Your Friend.

Arizona based registered dietician nutritionist Yaffi Lvova suggests prepping foods the night before.  “Make the smoothie the night before and freeze. It will melt while you have fun at the beach, returning to a smoothie form” says Lvova.  Worried about setting your drink down directly in the sand? A set of 4 sand drink holders costs $24.95 and their bottoms anchor to the sand, and keep the tops elevated so your drinks, phone, glasses, keys, and other essentials stay clean and dry.

Utensil Free Zone.

Squeeze packs are the new fork and spoon.  Ife Obi, NYC based pilates instructor and founder of The Fit recommends Mamma Chia Squeeze.  “They come in an individual pouch and you squeeze it into your mouth making it safe from impromptu sand storms” says Obi. This healthy snack is a source of protein, fiber and is appropriate for all ages with different fruit and vegetable flavors to choose from.


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