5 Trends For Summer 2017 You Need To Consider

By Suniya Jilani, Fashion Expert

Style is more than what you wear, it’s you communicating who you are , how you feel ,and is an integral part of the role you are playing for the day.It’s you sharing your attitude with the world, and in a world where most things aren’t in your control, style always IS in your control. You have the luxury of deciding which trends you want your style to evolve with, or opt out of , and though fashion trends move at the speed of light, always remember to incorporate your own personal take to every trend . Remember Boss Lady , you get to make the rules, ALWAYS.

Now let’s touch the top 5 trends for Summer 2017 you need to consider.

  1.  Fleur Flare

Forget the safe dainty floral prints. This trend is ALL about making a statement. Don’t be afraid ladies , think bright…bold and beautiful floral prints. Wearing statement florals can sound a bit intimidating ,but you can approach it at your own pace. You can start by incorporating a breezy floral kimono under a simple white tank paired with denim and work your way up. Or just tear that hindering I’m-too-shy-for-this bandaid off and opt for a fearless head to toe floral look.All eyes on you isn’t always a bad thing.

For those who just can’t bring themselves to wearing such bold pieces. Opt for embroidered florals on your purse or shoes. You can always improvise and still be on trend.

  1. Boyfriend Borrows

Didn’t think you were ever going to borrow your boyfriend’s boring Oxford button down dress shirt , did you? Think again. This summer tip-toe into his closet and grab either a classic white or pastel colored dress shirt and start experimenting. Button about halfway up and make small folds downwards from your collar, creating a feminine V-neck. Another personal favorite of mine is buttoning down far enough so I can adjust the shirt to my favorite side and letting my shoulder do a little peek-a-boo for a delicate flash of skin. Think effortless, loose and comfortable. Or be a risk taker, wear only one sleeve and tuck the loose sleeve under your underarms, creating an asymmetric foldover top. The options are endless to go from corporate to coffee date cute and is a perfect example of juxtaposition of femininity and masculinity.

After finding which folds and specific style works for you , pair with either a well-fitting skirt or denim of choice.


  1. Accenu-Waist

Paper bag pants. I know what you’re thinking. How can a trend by that name be even remotely aesthetically appealing?! Avoid it like the plague! Actually, give it a chance. You’ll be surprised by how flattering this cinched style around your waist actually is and for once extra fabric around your waist works in your favor. The dimensional paper-bag trend comes in a variety of styles such as a pencil skirt, or looser shorts and culottes ( which are always welcome in the summertime). Pair your paper-bag piece of choice with a bodysuit or even a crop top. For additional flair fold the frill down and add a belt of choice.

  1. Effort without Effort?

We all have days where time isn’t on our side and the mental debate between looking presentable or arriving on time is making you feel as if you are on the verge of a breakdown. Fear not ladies, a Co-Ord can save the day. Although, this trend has been popular for a while it’s still carrying its way into another year. Worn together it looks like one piece & on days where you have some extra time wear separately for a variety of outfits. Co-Ords are available in either formal suits or playful airy prints and fabrics. Who can deny a pre-made outfit at your fingertips that does all the work for you?

  1. Drama Sleeves for the Drama Queen

On a good day I am all about making dramatic entrances, especially on a good hair day. To garner more attention amp up the drama and opt for sleeves that can be the focal point of your outfit. Available in a surplus of styles you can opt for either wide flamboyant bell sleeves ,feminine bishop sleeves or sexy off the shoulder sleeves. On a day where you must be safe , a subtle flounce sleeve can work as well.To keep the look in control, pair with trousers,distressed denim or a pencil skirt.

A little tip I would like to share while wearing statement sleeves is to complete your outfit with your heels of choice, for an elongated silhouette.

Suniya Jilani

The summer streets are waiting for you….it’s time to start that catwalk.

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