5 Reasons To Hire A Planner For Your Next Event


By Beth Lawrence, TPC Partnership/Event Relations

Because everyone loves a memorable gathering.  Here are 5 Reasons To Hire A Planner For Your Next Event.

Access Granted.

Network! Event planners not only have experience, they have a vast network in their industry. For everything from photographers, to DJs, to unique experiences to add something special to your event, they have the connections. It saves you hours, sometimes days, of doing research, making the calls, and weeding through the not-so-professional to find the exact right fit for your event. For my wedding, the bridesmaid gift was Denise Fike coming in and sketching before and after shots of all the ladies getting ready – they each got two portraits to keep and it was a hit!


Negotiating on Your Behalf

When an event planner sees a budget, they’re looking at the event or events as a whole. They’ll negotiate on your behalf for better pricing, group rates, or that late-night snack you’re looking to serve your guests before you send them home. They can also solicit strategic partners and sponsors for your event, creating a mutually beneficial experience for your guests while engaging a like-minded product or service, which leads to more social media hits and immersive, inclusive experiences.

Your Emotions Are Protected

Detachment is healthy during event planning.  When it comes to small business events or personal, social events, there tends to be an emotion behind the budget. Decisions weigh more heavily on a business owner or a bride who is looking at their bank accounts (trust me, planning my wedding was way more stressful than any of the million-dollar events I’ve planned in the past!). Hiring a planner allows you to have someone detached emotionally from the budget make rational decisions, while still keeping in mind your bottom line.



There’s a reason Event Planning is a career – event planning is a full time job! It takes a ton of dedication, passion and time. Since Pinterest, a trend we’re seeing is event hosts and brides having “DIY Parties” to create that special centerpiece, welcome bag or other decor. For corporations, lunch in the office has become an assembly line of people putting together marketing materials and decor. What sounds like a ton of fun can really end up being hard work. Curling the ribbons on 150+ welcome boxes seems like a fantastic idea, until you are left on the floor with hand cramps, surrounded by half-tied boxes, and wondering how the heck you’re going to get it all done. Leave this to the experts – event planners have teams to do the light and heavy lifting.

“Thanksgiving Host(ess)”

Have you ever watched the host or hostess of your holiday meals? Most of the time, the host(ess) takes off the day before a big event to help prep and plan for all of the hungry guests, make the house look immaculate, and in some cases, prep the food ahead of time. When the guests arrive, they are greeted with an appetizer or dinner spread, a carefully selected bar, decorations, and everything is just so. If you notice the person who prepared the meal, they’re typically the last one seated. They’re worried that everyone’s glass is full, their food is hot, delicious and artfully displayed, and the guests are engaged in interesting, pleasant conversation. Then, it’s time for cleanup. Even with help, by the end of the evening, the host(ess) is exhausted. The whole day seems like a dream, and (s)he didn’t even get to catch up with his/her guests! 

At your brand launch, client event or social engagement, don’t be the Thanksgiving hostess.

Hiring an event planner lets you mingle with VIPs, give perfect sound bytes to the media in attendance, and enjoy some time on the dance floor. They’ll make sure the show runs as it should, leaving you to make sure your personal goals for the event are met.


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