5 Hulu Series You Should Be Watching

By Parisha Smith, co-founder

“Hulu has stepped up its game with some compelling must-see TV!”

Move over all you Netflix fiends, Hulu fan here and I am ready to share with you some of the best Hulu shows that you should be watching. Admittedly so, Netflix original series’ has been dominating the digital tv show world, however over the past year, Hulu has stepped up its game with some compelling must-see TV!

Handmaid’s Tale

This show is packed with thought provoking parallels to the world we live in now of what could be. Elisabeth Moss plays the protagonist, Offred, in the show who is captured and forced to Gilead, a totalitarian society that once was a part of the United States. Gilead is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. The show gives us pieces of the past and present-day to show us exactly how and why she and so many other women got to the “new world”.


Brother and sister, Alex and Val both find themselves at identical phases in their dating life. Val, a recent divorcee moves in with the “Childish but I’m a man” brother, Alex and both of them go through the ups and downs of casually dating.

Val’s seventeen year old daughter, Laura, who seems to have some emotional relationship issues herself, also keeps us on our toes of what mischief she will get into next. All the while, the unconventional family is sadistically hilarious with quick witted jokes and awkward scenes that keeps us laughing and tuning in again.


I literally watched every episode of House while it was on the air, so seeing Hugh Laurie as Dr. Eldon Chance gave me all the feel-good vibes. Laurie returns as a dark yet brilliant doctor, but this time a forensic neuropsychiatrist with a few skeletons in his closet. He finds himself infatuated by a sexy mysterious patient and is caught in a whirlwind of lies and her abusive husband. After some time, you start to question who really has the psychological issues, the patient or Dr. Chance. All the while, Dr. Chance to navigate being a single father after a recent divorce. It’s a perplexing show that forces you to consider alternate possibilities of what is reality.

Difficult People

I just love TV shows set in NYC. The hustle, restaurants, and fast pace lifestyle that they generally show is proven consistent in this comedy. Julie and Billy are in their mid-thirties and are desperate to make it big as comedians. While they persist toward their dreams, they annoyingly watch their friends move on to successful careers, marriage, and children. Julie is a TV blogger by day and Billy is a waiter, but by night they both perform stand up in hopes to make it big one day. The duo is simply hilarious.


This 18th century depicted show is edgy and for a history buff like me keeps you entertained with their inclusion of true historic anecdotes. Margaret Wells, played by Samantha Morton who’s trades in her Villianist character from Fantastic Beasts to become a badass mom-boss trying to make a fortune with her Brothel business. Mrs. Wells will stop at nothing to make to improve her life by moving the business to a wealthier part of town. Even if this means auctioning off her daughters virginity?!? Okay I’ve said too much….lol. This show is very Game of Throne-esque with betrayal, alliances, bribery, coercion, corruption, politics, sex, and revenge.


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