4 Money Mindset Tricks to Try in 2018


By Holly Mihelic, Leadership Coach and Lifestyle Columnist

Believe it or not, but the feelings you have about money are impacting your bank balance. So if you’d like to see more commas in your Chase account, you may want to give this article a read.

First things first, I’m not a finance expert. But I am a female entrepreneur in her late-twenties who’s worked through A LOT of energetic and emotional blocks around money. Although I can’t give you advice on which stocks to buy, I can share some mind tricks to help shift your money beliefs.

1. Befriend Money. 

Money is your friend. Metaphorically speaking, right now it might be the friend you’re always trying to avoid. But money should be the friend you love drinking wine with. LEARN about this friend. ENGAGE with this friend. BE FASCINATED by this friend. FEEL GOOD around this friend.
Read articles about money management. Meet with a financial advisor or research investment platforms like LearnVest. Get savvy with strategies to multiply your money and leverage your existing assets (some savings, skills, strengths, connections, etc). Like any relationship, your one with money needs time, thought, attention and love in order to grow.

2. Be in the Positive.

When it comes to money, it always seems there’s never enough. Rather than planning how to pinch your pennies, begin visualizing what you’d do with more zeros in the bank. Like everything, money is energy. Your experience with it will be based on what you deeply think, feel and then attract.
Make sure the “charge” you’re carrying toward money is a positive one. Meaning, when you see a wealthy woman get out of her Range Rover carrying a new Louie, think “she looks fab” versus “that rich b*tch.” If you continue projecting negative, envious vibes onto what you want… it’s certainly never going to come to you!
Also, watch out for other areas of “lack” in your life, too. Not feeling “trendy, pretty or loved enough” could contribute to online shopping and extra spending. Feeling prosperous and whole as you are will help resist the urge to drain your earnings into Amazon’s already whopping abyss of abundance.

3. Plant cash. 

No, don’t go bury a box of cash in your backyard (although that sounds kinda fun). But DO 1) always have some cash on you and 2) sprinkle it around your apartment.
Having a small amount of cash on you encourages feelings of abundance. You’ll always have enough to cover that random $10 parking fee, buy a lottery ticket or put a tip in the cup at Chipotle. Make sure your cash is organized by amount and facing in the same direction in your wallet.
Think about how good it feels to clean out your purse and find a loose $20. Create this feeling for yourself more often by sprinkling cash around your house. You can put $5 in your mail basket, stick $20 on your book shelf, place $10 under your pillow… seeing it regularly helps you feel like it’ll always be there when you need it.

4. Be Rich in Gratitude.

I once got a $195 speeding ticket and called my life coach to complain. His response was, “Well, Thank God you’re rich!” At first, I was not amused. My bank account wouldn’t reflect any means of “richness.” But the reality was, the ticket had to be paid and I was fortunate that I could pay it.
I now say “Thank God I’m rich!” when paying the bills or parking tickets or writing wedding checks. This affirmation consciously puts me in an abundant mindset. It’s important to feel thankful, even for the stuff you don’t necessarily want to throw a couple hundred at. Have a deep faith that it will somehow come back to you.
So, rather than cringing each time you swipe your credit card, fill yourself with gratitude and think “Thank God I’m Rich!” Pause and appreciate the flow of “richness” around you, whether that’s rich conversation, rich food, rich atmosphere or rich relationships. The act of feeling gratitude for the riches that you already have will attract even more richness into your life.
Here’s to an abundant year ahead with plenty of hustle, opportunity, cash flow and money moves.
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