3 Reasons Why Floatation Therapy Is The Perfect Mother’s Day Present

By Daniela Galdi

Mother’s day is quickly approaching and there is no greater satisfaction than making MOM feel special! Afterall it is a celebration of her hard work putting up with us! The gift of health is definitely an appreciated present. Imagine your mom floating her stresses away, having that much needed me time, detoxing and feeling so refreshed. Sounds like you are going to win kid of the year award, so here is how you can make it happen. My friends at Halcyon Floats let me test it out for myself. Here‘s why floating is a perfect fit for your mom:

1.  Reduces Stress and Anxiety.

Halcyon Floats provides you with all of the information you need to fully prepare mom for her first floating experience, so, prep mom with the facts so she can fully relax. Floating takes place in a private room in a spacious environment allowing her to freely move around. Some refer to it as a “tank,” but this is not the case at Halcyon Floats. Rather, you lie comfortably in a large “tub,” “pod” or “pool” with only a curtain enclosure that can be left opened or closed and have access to adjustable colored lighting and meditative sounds.

Scientific studies have proved that practicing floating has helped relieve symptoms of anxiety, PTSD, depression and stress. Floating can be exactly what mom needs to overcome unwelcomed worry, nervousness or fear, by helping her to reach a meditative state, reaping the benefits of meditation. Meditation benefits individuals to better cope with stress responses in the body. Floating returns our body and mind to a state of calm, lowering blood pressure and normalizing breathing. Since there are no distractions during the 90-minute session, mom is given some well-deserved alone time to regroup!

2.  Solution to Pain Relief and Muscle Tension.

Listed are some of the benefits of soaking in epsom salt:  

  • Alleviates sore muscles and pains or strains of the body
  • reduces inflammation
  • relieves stiffness in the joints
  • eliminates toxins in the body
  • softens the skin/rids dry skin
  • relaxes and reduces stress
  • clears congestion

Floating, however, takes normal bath time to the next level.  Aside from the inflammation-reducing elements of magnesium and sulfate Epsom salt contains, floating relieves compression in the joints by creating space in the body through traction. Gravity is no friend to the body as we age -- compressing the spine, diminishing fluid in the joints, hindering circulation causing areas of the body to swell.  These factors contribute to joint pain, muscle tension and immobility.  While mom is lying in the highly concentrated Epson salt/water solution, her body will experience a weightlessness.  This weightlessness allows for decompression and traction in the joints of the body and realigns the spine.  Floating on a consistent basis can help reverse the effects of gravity on the body and thus, enhancing ease of motion, offering pain relief and increasing flexibility, especially for our Mommies-to-be!

Bye, bye, pregnancy back pain!

3.  Rest Easy.

A mother’s job is never complete and as a mother you may find yourself always having to be “on,”  so a poor night’s sleep can really ruin the day, make mom irritable, increase her stress,  affect her immunity -- the list goes on and on (just like her responsibilities!) Floating is an effective treatment option for improving sleep habits and resting easy because the relaxing environment helps to clear the mind transforming brain waves.  This state of relaxation stays with mom when bedtime hits.  The benefits don’t stop there.  Waking up is easier, too!  Mom will rise feeling refreshed!   Brain fog and grogginess is eliminated and daytime fatigue is a thing of the past!

Floating is definitely an experience mom cannot miss out on  If you want to help her get out of the house, make time for herself, relieve her stress, eliminate aches and pains, have a great night’s sleep and wake up ready to take on the world then this is definitely the gift to give!

Happy Mother's Day!

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