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Which woman are you?

We feature 3 tracks: The big thinker, The Wellness leader & The serial entrepreneur. Whatever your age, race, interests, or how much you know about wellness—you have a place here. Choose the track that sounds most like you!.


Community is everything

We’re free-thinkers + trailblazers + bold spirits here to shift the wellness landscape. We dream of a trusting community of women working together to make change in their lives and the wellness industry—forward momentum caused by a collective positive mindset!


Manifest Your Vibes

We’re unapologetically bold and unafraid to talk about the stuff that pushes us out of our comfort zones. Why? Staying quiet isn’t an option; vulnerability empowers us; and wellness should be inclusive. Will you join us?


Do you want to lead the charge? Positivity is contagious.

Power Of Positivity

Imagine yourself at an event... The Positive Charge brings together a diverse community of women for interactive wellness conferences where they learn, grow, and enjoy.

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