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We feature 3 tracks: Wellness Enthusiast, Wellness Entreprenuer & Wellness Elist so no matter what phase of life you are in, you can learn actionable steps for growth in your life.


Community is everything

Having a healthy relationship with yourself is pivotal. We want to take it to the next level and facilitate new friendships as a part of healthy lifestyles. Meet like-minded people that become your tribe!

Women Empowerment

Manifest Your Vibes

Empowered women, empower women. We need each other and we must empower each other. Be the woman who fixes another woman's crown, without telling the world that it was crooked.


Welcome To The Positivity Charge

Power Of Positivity

Research consistently reveals positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health, and improving work outcomes!

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5 Things A Dietitian Wants You To Stop Doing

Diet culture is a term that is thrown around on social media and articles, often with different definitions. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Hannah Griffith, defines diet culture as “a society that focuses on and values weight, shape, and size over health and well-being”. Meaning that, as a ... READ the POST

Are Your Suncare Products Reef Safe?

It's that time of year when stocking up on suncare products is a top priority. A safe glow up is the trend for summer! Do you know if your suncare products are harming the coral reefs? According to National Ocean Service, the sunscreen we apply, may not stay on our skin. In fact when we swim or ... READ the POST

9 Ways To Bounce Back When You Are Feeling Frustrated

Have you ever overslept, spilled your coffee, and missed your train to work? Sent a text to someone two days ago and you never heard back from them? If so, you may know that frustrating feeling which can result in disappointment and misunderstanding. We all get frustrated for different reasons, but ... READ the POST

Episode 5: The Art Of Story-telling, A Philly Journalist’s Perspective

Episode 5:  The Art Of Story-telling:  A Philly Journalist’s Perspective.  Positively Social, a podcast, is similar to a girls night out!  A place with refreshing ideas, and tips relating to your wellness journey.  Transform your lifestyle practices with exclusive insights from experts in the ... READ the POST

Julie Palumbo, Crohn’s Warrior, Is Our National Women’s Health Week Spotlight

For 10 years, Julie Palumbo, A Philadelphia based Certified Health Coach & Nutrition Consultant, has been a Crohn’s Warrior. Now, she opens up about the challenges she's overcome to improve her health — and what it will take to build awareness and help women on their journey. It’s National ... READ the POST

Running Shoe Guide For Spring

What was your first run this spring season? Or outdoor workout? Perhaps you enjoy a relaxing rooftop yoga class.  Whatever your pick is remember to keep your feet supported, and with some great spring picks this year, it’s a great time to invest in a new pair!  The best time to go look for running ... READ the POST